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Assist Your Clients in Discovering Their Values, Wisdom and Passions to Create More Intentional Plans


It is no longer enough to help your clients achieve financial security or to leave a financial legacy. Newer generations of clients also want to be prepared to enjoy their expected increased longevity with purpose, vitality, independence and wellness. They also wish to help their loved ones understand the responsibility and values required to ensure an enduring family legacy.

Imagine helping your clients focus on what really matters in their lives and how they wish to be remembered. When they have an opportunity to align their wisdom, values and passions with their financial and legal decisions, estate, financial and charitable plans often become clearer and more intentional; the trusted partnership with their advisor/trustee grows deeper; and families are inspired to continue their legacy through generational generosity.

Maximize Your Impact, Transform Lives

Here's How LivingWisely Works!


LivingWisely brings many benefits to your organization and clients including: providing context, clarity and meaning to planning discussions, family meetings, and wealth transfer decisions; helping clients share the voice of their heart to align family values and wishes with decisions regarding the passing on of valuables; enhancing family relationships and resiliency while providing loved ones with real life examples to help guide their life journeys; creating a personal, family, and generational commitment to making a difference; and helping clients proactively put their lives in order while they are healthy and can articulate important life, health, well-being and care decisions.

Next Steps

Thank you for being a thought leader and recognizing the importance of client focused programming for your organization. We look forward to working with your team to help your clients live their best lives and achieve the greatest impact from their planning efforts. Please let us know when you are ready for an informational conversation about LivingWisely and how each of the components may be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your organization.

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