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LivingWisely is your personal guide to help you live your life as you wish to be remembered and create an enduring legacy. Gain wisdom from your past, live more intentionally in the present, make more informed decisions about your future, and inspire your loved ones to live their best lives — one remarkable moment at a time.

Living our best life and leaving an enduring legacy require more than sharing history, genealogy, photos and valuables at end of life. Through self-discovery, we learn to live more intentionally; by sharing generational wisdom, we teach and inspire our loved ones to navigate their life journeys and create a better world going forward.

So many profound gifts result from the generous act of sharing ordinary life experiences: how we succeeded and failed along the way, what makes us unique, and how we discovered what truly matters. However, much of what we learn throughout our lifetime is not shared or fully utilized, either personally or by our loved ones.

LivingWisely's innovative and easy to use programs are designed for everyone. People of all ages — from teenagers to centenarians — and across all geographic, cultural and economic backgrounds, benefit from self-discovery and an engaging experience at critical milestones or throughout their lifetime.

Why put off what is so valuable, until it's too late? It's time to Live Your Legacy! Begin now and in a short time receive tangible results. Perhaps you are inspired by a specific project to honor a loved one. Perhaps you would like to mark a special life milestone or accomplishment with a gift from your heart. Perhaps you wish to strengthen your resilience and live more intentionally throughout each stage of your life. Or perhaps you’re ready to share your life experiences with the hope of teaching and inspiring your loved ones, now and long after you are gone.

LivingWisely's personal and generational programs will inspire you and your loved ones to live your best lives, turn ordinary life experiences into remarkable celebrations, and share an enduring legacy.

  • Live Your Legacy™

  • Create Your Best Life

  • Be Remembered

  • Inspire Future Generations

  • Improve Health & Well-Being

  • Strengthen Resilience

  • Clarify Priorities, Inform Decisions

  • Deepen Life Engagement

  • Overcome Loss

  • Share What Matters Most

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Your Personal LivingWisely Experience

"The future depends on what you do today." Mahatma Gandhi

It's now easier than ever for you to live your best life with insight and intention and create an enduring legacy. We begin by helping you share your personal experiences and what's in your heart, one bite-sized nugget at a time. We then inspire you to discover and prioritize what is most important along each stage of your extraordinary life.

When you're ready, we'll help you share your most valued gifts: life lessons, wisdom, values, resilience, gratitude, love, wishes and generosity. When shared through meaningful and memorable experiences at important milestones or throughout your life, you increase your ability to engage, teach and inspire loved ones to live their lives wisely and even generously.

LivingWisely makes it easy to share a memory or experience any time they come to mind. It is not limited to writing extensive life stories, sharing historical family details or personal journaling. It's so much more and the results are nearly immediate including: improving family resilience and relationships, and creating remarkable experiences to endure throughout the generations.

Our proven programs (based upon nearly 20 years of experience) combined with a new online private portal provide a self-guided, personal experience. Engage with LivingWisely through one or more of our programs on your computer, smartphone and/or tablet. Share important experiences about your life whenever the spirit moves you, or continue at your own pace throughout your lifetime.

Don't worry if you're not sure what to say or write or where to begin. It's as easy as speaking or typing your responses to guided prompts and exercises, then uploading your cherished photos. In minutes, create and share a short narrative or letter from your heart, then add new experiences whenever you wish. And we're here to support you every step of the way.

There's no time like the present. Subscribe to one or more of our affordable and engaging LegacyJourney® pathways and begin living your legacy today!

  • Life Reflection Stories: discover insights, life lessons and wisdom

  • Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters: share values, love and gratitude

  • Making a Difference Plans: inspire generational generosity and focus actions

  • Reflections & Resilience Journals: navigate life's challenges and transitions

  • Pet Stories & Tributes: cherish memories and heal broken hearts

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