LegacyJourney® Pathways

Live your best life with greater insight, inspiration and intention, while creating an enduring legacy.

Life Reflection Stories

Live more intentionally and help your loved ones navigate their life journeys by sharing insights, life lessons and wisdom discovered through your life experiences, culture and history.

$25.00 Annual Subscription

Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters

Share your values, faith, beliefs, life lessons, hopes for the future, gratitude, love and forgiveness with family, friends and community.

$25.00 Annual Subscription

Making a Difference Plans

Create a legacy of generosity by clarifying your passions, focusing your time, talents and resources, and engaging your loved ones.

$25.00 Annual Subscription

Reflections & Resilience Journals

Become better prepared to navigate life's challenges and transitions by reflecting upon what truly matters and strengthening your resilience.

$25.00 Annual Subscription - One Year FREE during COVID-19. Enter your credit card to enroll. You will not be charged for 12 months or cancel any time.

Pet Stories & Tributes

Heal your broken heart after saying goodbye to your beloved pet or honor your faithful companion by remembering and sharing your cherished memories.

$10.00 Annual Subscription