FAQs & Reviews

  • ?How may I gift a subscription or products?

    Good choice - we're happy to help you! Simply go to the Program Shopping Cart and select the subscription and products you wish to gift to a loved one or friend. Place your order, then send us an email at: contact@livingwisely.org or call us at: 651.600.6412 with your order number and request to gift the subscription. We will send you or your loved one/friend a pre-paid certificate and instructions. The certificate includes one-year of unlimited use and it may be renewed when you are notified 30 days before it expires or cancel at the expiration date.

  • ?How do I get help if needed?

    We're here for you! Use the Need Help? button anytime in your program portal (found in the right-side margins). Describe your question or challenge and we'll get back to you during business hours with a response or we can schedule a video conference to help you navigate the program.

  • ?Can more than one person utilize the online portal?

    LivingWisely is a personal portal designed for a single user as each person brings a unique perspective and experiences gained throughout their life journey. Your subscription may only be accessed through your personal portal by entering your email and password. It is priced economically so that each member of your family or community may access their favorite programming through their personal and private portal.

  • ?What technology skills do you need to utilize the LivingWisely programs?

    LivingWisely programs are designed to be accessible and easy to use for everyone. Subscribers may access the online programs anywhere and anytime on their computer, smartphone, tablet or a combination of technologies including using voice recognition to convert their responses to a typed or preserved document. Our user-friendly programs may also be accessed through or supported by a variety of hard-copy resources available on our website.

  • ?Which internet browser should I use?

    The LivingWisely portal is designed to work best with the Chrome browser, plus it is free and secure to use. While our programs may work with other browsers, you may encounter some technical difficulties. Download Chrome for all your devices at: https://www.google.com/chrome/

  • ?How is my information protected?

    Data and user privacy and protection are critical to our relationship with you, so we promise to never sell, share or misuse your information. All content and responses created through our LivingWisely programs are automatically saved, and your information remains private and accessible only by you. You choose with whom to share your information, including how much, when and in what format.

  • ?What is the cost of the program?

    You may subscribe to one or all five of our program pathways with unlimited usage on your personal portal. The price ranges from $10 to $25 per program and each subscription lasts for one year. At that time you may automatically renew or request to cancel it. Additional resources are available to support you if needed.

  • ?What happens to my information if I cancel my subscription?

    No worries! At any time while your subscription is active, you may download your content and photos, print them or share your information with whomever you wish. While we hope you will continue to utilize our LivingWisely programming throughout your life journey, we realize that your needs may change over time.

  • ?Are there options for preserving and sharing the documents I create?

    Of course – we offer a range of do-it-yourself to custom options! When you have completed your letters, narratives or documents and are ready to share them, simply click on the Document Preservation button at the bottom of the final step within your LivingWisely portal. Our professional editors, designers and preservation consultants are ready to help you finalize and share what matters most with your loved ones, friends and community through lasting and beautiful keepsakes and celebration events. Or you may order our archival paper and folders anytime to design your own creations.

  • ?What if the user passes away before completing their LivingWisely documents?

    Life can throw us an unexpected curve ball at any time, so it's good to be prepared. For your protection, each time you open your LivingWisely portal you will receive a login link in your email box to verify it is you. No password is required to sign in. We are unable to access your content so we recommend that you share your login information with a loved one, add it to a secure file or share with a trusted advisor. In case of an emergency, your authorized person will be able to access and download any content you created on LivingWisely.