Frequently Asked Questions

  • ? Do participants need technology skills to utilize the LivingWisely programs?

    LivingWisely programs are designed to be accessible to each organization’s participants in the manner which best suits their interests and technology comfort levels. Participants may access the programs anywhere and anytime on their computer, smartphone, tablet or a combination of technologies including using voice recognition to convert their responses to a typed document. Our user-friendly programs may also be accessed through hardcopy resources and completed manually.

  • ?Do participants pay for the programming?

    That depends on your business model and your service strategies. In most cases, the LivingWisely programming is incorporated into your current work and participants are not charged a fee. However, in some situations, participants may pay an appropriate fee for a value-added service or an ongoing experience. We will help you think through the best possible approach.

  • ? Who should be trained and how is training delivered?

    Consider developing an organizational competency by training staff and volunteers who have direct relationships with those you serve. Some examples include: relationship managers and client service providers, business development and fundraisers, engagement leaders, advisors and planners, caregivers, health and wellness coaches, program and activity providers, human resources staff, chaplains and spiritual leaders, etc. There are three basic options available for delivering LivingWisely facilitator training. They may be combined in a variety of ways to best serve the needs of your team and organization: * On-site training at your office or a location of your choice. * On-site training at our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. * A blended education model that combines live video conference and coaching sessions paired with pre-recorded video training modules.

  • ? Is it possible to create custom programming?

    Yes! You may create custom programs, prompts and questions that are specific to your organization and how you serve your participants' needs. However, we also provide an extensive resource library of LivingWisely prompts and questions that may be utilized by your organization in one or more customized programs. They may also be easily updated or changed at any time.

  • ? What information is public versus private?

    Data and user privacy and protection are critical to our relationships so we promise to never sell, share or misuse information from your organization or your participants. All content and responses created through our LivingWisely programs are considered private to each of the participants you serve. They choose with whom to share their information including how much, when and how. Your organization may request demographic information in order to serve your participants in the best way possible. LivingWisely will only have access to each participant’s contact information and their account login name in the event technology support is needed or to share program updates or changes.

  • ? Is there a minimum or maximum number of employees, volunteers or size of the organization required for the programming?

    LivingWisely serves organizations of all sizes and we will recommend the number of employees and volunteers needed for training based upon your objectives, goals and budget. However, most organizations train a minimum of three people (it may be a combination of employees and volunteers) in order to provide continuity for those you serve, to ensure balance in job responsibilities, and to provide coverage and support should a team member need to be away for an extended period of time. Additional employees and volunteers may be trained and added anytime to expand programming and geographic coverage.

  • ? How long is the programming available to our organization once we are trained and will there be ongoing costs?

    We hope you will continue with the programming as long as you find LivingWisely valuable to your organization and those you serve. We will provide ongoing program updates and best practices, as well as we will assist your team in creating meaningful metrics to ensure you receive a strong return on your investment. Once the initial training and programming is implemented, there will be an annual licensing fee for the organization and optional special service fees when requested. Individual user fees will be determined based upon the number of participants utilizing the programming and the number of programs they access.

  • ?What happens if the user passes away before completing their LivingWisely experience?

    Life can throw us an unexpected curve ball at any time, so it's good to be prepared. We are unable to access the user's content, so we recommend that they share their login information with a loved one or a trusted advisor.

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