How LivingWisely Works

Each of the LivingWisely components may be tailored to your organization’s situation, needs and budget.

Sustainable Business Solution

LivingWisely is an innovative and sustainable solution combining a powerful platform with proven programming to prepare your organization to connect more deeply and personally with the individuals you serve. The goal is to help each person live their best life with greater insight and intention, without overburdening your team. This approach may be tailored to your organization’s strategies and preferences through numerous options ranging from turn-key to co-branded to full-customization.

For more than two decades, our LegacyJourney® pathways and resources have been effective in helping individuals and families discover what matters most in their lives. However, this work was frequently time intensive and inflexible for both the providing organization and the participant.

With the addition of our new technology-enabled platform and expanded proprietary methodologies:

  • Organizations gain time-saving efficiencies, customizable solutions and enhanced delivery options.

  • Participants gain easier access to more personalized, reflective and engaging programming tailored to their needs and situation.

  • And the platform allows for a continuum of programs to be offered to participants and their loved ones throughout each stage of their life journeys.

Transformational Pathways/Programs

Our LegacyJourney® pathways provide the foundation for creating engaging and transformational experiences, as well as inspiring the creation of meaningful documents to share insights, experiences, decisions and plans. Our proven pathways/programs may be utilized in their current form, they may be tailored to meet a specific objective, or they may serve as a component within a customized program to meet the specific needs of your organization and the individuals you serve.

  • Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters help summarize and share our values, faith, beliefs, life lessons, hopes for the future, gratitude, love and forgiveness with family, friends and community. While they are not a legal document, they are often referred to as the voice of our heart as they can provide personal insights to help inform our life decisions and align our values and wishes along each stage of our journey.

  • Life Reflection Stories help uncover the insights, life lessons and wisdom gained from our unique experiences, culture and history. They prepare us to live more intentionally going forward, deepen family relationships, and provide loved ones with meaningful examples to help guide them along their life journeys long after we are gone. Unlike lengthy memoirs or data-driven genealogy reports, Life Reflection Stories are typically comprised of a continuum of short reflective narratives or master stories that share our unique life experiences and wisdom, as lived so far.

  • Making a Difference Plans help clarify our life purpose and inspire our charitable spirit by identifying our passions and the causes nearest to our heart. Creating a personal, family and generational commitment to making a difference allows us to focus the giving of our time, talents and treasures as well as inspire future generations to live intentionally.

  • Reflections & Resilience Journals help each of us become better prepared to navigate life's challenges and transitions by reflecting upon what truly matters, strengthening our resilience and sharing generational wisdom. We will each face adversities during our lifetime. On a positive note, we often experience significant growth, gratitude and even joy during our most challenging times.

  • Pet Stories & Tributes help us heal our broken heart after saying goodbye to our beloved pet or they help us honor our faithful companion by remembering and sharing our cherished memories. As our pets and companion animals have become integral members of our family and provide us with unconditional love, our relationships have grown stronger over the years. Losing them can be as heartbreaking as losing our family members and friends.

Meaningful Participant Experiences

We inspire individuals to uncover what matters most in their life through their personal experiences and reflections, as well as to go a significant step further to discover and share the wisdom, values, passions, life lessons, generosity and resilience they acquired along their life journey. Our programming has helped individuals make sense of their lives, be more intentional in how they choose to live going forward, clarify and communicate their needs and priorities, gain peace of mind and a sense of well-being, improve their quality of life and relationships, and become more engaged within their supporting organization and community.

Each participant decides how to engage in the programming offered by your organization: facilitated group workshops, individual coaching sessions, personal self-paced programs utilizing our co-branded online portal, or a combination of options. They may voice transcribe or type their responses and add supporting photos or documents anytime, anywhere using their computer, smartphone or tablet. Additionally, they may easily share their completed documents with family, friends and/or members of your team.

Engaging Team Training

Our goal is to provide a positive and engaging experience for your staff and volunteers as they develop a sustainable and scalable competency to integrate into your organization’s business or service model. Our training also provides each participant with a meaningful experience to enhance their personal lives and well-being so that they are more resilient and prepared to meet the needs of those they serve. Additionally, your team's collective training experience creates a more open, positive and supportive culture within your organization resulting in higher productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.

Our blended training curriculum includes web-based distance learning, video conference group coaching, and personalized on-site training. We also provide a lighter version of our training to help engage staff and board members who may not have a direct service relationship with those you serve. Program certification provides a differentiating factor for your organization, recognition for your team members, and continuing education credits as requested.

Effective Consulting Services

We will help your organization maximize your impact and achieve a strong ROI through a variety of consulting services including strategic, operational and implementation planning, market segmentation, and client-centric events. Our ongoing program support is available to help you create appropriate metrics, best practices and marketing initiatives to maximize your team's talents and inspire those you serve to live their best lives. And we will work with your organization to create targeted delivery options to reach your participants wherever they reside and however they wish to engage.

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