Senior Living & Retirement Communities

Improve Quality of Life, Engagement and Vitality for Seniors


It is often challenging for senior living and retirement communities to offer a spectrum of meaningful services to meet the needs of a diverse group of individuals, to increase their engagement, to help them live their best lives, and to sustain the mission of their organization. Imagine if you were able to assist each of the individuals and families you serve by focusing on what informs and inspires their decisions and actions for living a more purposeful life.

Our work is unique in that it assists individuals in reflecting upon their personal experiences, then taking a significant step forward to discover and share the wisdom, values, passions, life lessons, generosity and resilience they acquired along their life journey. When important life, health and care decisions incorporate conversations about past, present and future perspectives, individuals are more intentional in how they choose to live their lives, communication about their needs and priorities becomes clearer, family and community relationships are improved, and they gain peace of mind and a sense of well-being.

Maximize Your Impact, Transform Lives

Here's How LivingWisely Works!


LivingWisely offers many benefits to senior living and retirement communities. Seniors are provided with an engaging opportunity to clarify and learn from their wisdom, values, passions, life lessons and generosity; each person is inspired to live intentionally along each stage of their life journey; seniors report improved physical and mental health and quality of life; communication with family members and caregivers improves; meaningful legacies to remember and honor each member of your community are shared; and seniors gain peace of mind as they proactively make important life, health and care decisions. Staff and volunteers gain a deeper understanding of the individuals they serve and a feeling of greater job satisfaction and engagement. And organizations benefit by having a meaningful impact on the lives of each senior and family they serve.

Next Steps

Thank you for being a thought leader and recognizing the importance of our senior focused programming to help the individuals you serve live their best lives. Please let us know when you are ready for an informational conversation about LivingWisely and how each of the components may be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your organization.

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Our seniors enjoy participating in this program and sharing the good old days with each other and their families. I don’t know of any other activity that in such a short amount of time, gets our seniors talking and feeling good about their lives. And they love being the center of attention in our book signing events as they share a lifetime of wisdom and values. We have seen a definite improvement in quality of life and engagement—it is priceless!